About MVP Kids Media



Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire honorable character in young men and women through healthy mentoring relationships, preparing Real MVP Kids to live responsible and meaningful lives.

Everything we create is with the intention of nurturing a child’s character. Our mission is to equip parents, teachers, and caregivers to engage with kids through inspiring entertainment.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be the go-to resource for innovative media equipping mentors, teaching Life Skills™ and encouraging children to become Real MVPs, preparing generations of leaders around the world to inspire character in others.

Grow up with our MVP Kids! We envision children growing up with our MVP Kids from preschool to adolescent years.


Our MVP Kids

Our MVP Kids represent a wide range of ethnic and cultural diversity and are the stars of our products. An important goal of establishing our MVP Kids throughout the product lines is to create familiarity and friendship for readers, a basis of trust to address serious life issues and challenges in products for maturing children. The products follow the MVP Kids as they grow from toddlers to adolescents.

Who is MVP Kids?

What’s in Our Books?

MVP Kids Multi-Media


Research-Based Content in our Book Series

Each of our books offer extended guidance to parents and mentors.

Our Celebrate™ series for preschoolers has tips that help parents guide their children into a deeper understanding of the subject matter of the book, connect emotionally to each other and to the book’s theme and gives practical actions, crafts and activities to help children gain hands-on experience.

Our Celebrate! Paperbacks™ series for children ages 4-8 years old. From appreciating diversity, building self-esteem, learning wisdom from grandparents to learning number sense, young children can follow the MVP Kids as they learn important life lessons. The MVP Kids books focus on social, emotional, educational and physical needs as Sophia Day interacts with children through a recipe of entertainment, memorable verse and inviting illustrations. Helpful Teaching Tips are included in each book to equip and guide toward a deeper understanding of each subject.

Our Mighty Tokens™ series is for emerging readers, ages 4-8 years old, to experience together with their parents. Children will learn valuable reading skills as their parents read one side of the page while the child is encouraged to read the other side. While nurturing literacy and building reading skills, parents will also reinforce positive concepts, such as determination and kindness, as they deposit tokens of affirmation into the “character banks” of their children, raising them to someday be mighty adults. 

Our Playful Apprentice™ series for children ages 4-8 years old is an imaginative and poignant look into a child’s role playing, these picture books expose kids to a variety of community roles and career options while also providing safety tips and character-building content. Kids and grown-ups alike will enjoy the comical illustrations as our MVP Kids describe and perform their role as a playful apprentice.

Our Help Me Become™ series for early elementary ages 4-10 years old include questions and tips after each short story to help with character building. The questions are designed to help the child discuss the story and then apply the ideas to their own lives.

Our Help Me Understand™ series for elementary ages 6-12 years old include a discussion guide giving further insight on the emotion and reflection questions related to the book’s content. The page is designed for parents and children to interact together or for the child to use individually.

Our DNA Chronicles™ series steps back through generations of time as the MVP Kids experience the history and culture of their ancestors. The past may belong to the past, but the DNA Chronicles will allow readers to realize that the past also belongs to them. Readers learn about the desire and fortitude it takes to commit to life's most important values, life skills and accomplishments. 


Sophia Day®

Like many names of authors, Sophia Day is a pen name, a pseudonym, adopted by our Real MVP Kids team to build a consistent and familiar brand. Sophia means “wisdom”. Day means “hope” and “light”. Combined, Sophia Day best represents our mission of helping parents and mentors instill wisdom filled with hope and light.