Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum (Early Learners)



The INSTILL Social and Emotional learning (SEL) Curriculum is designed to promote children’s social and emotional learning for children ages two to six years old.

Our focus is to positively impact the lives of young children by providing them with the skills to understand and manage their emotions; respect themselves, others, and the environment; show compassion for others; have positive relationships; and make confident choices.

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What can you expect from Instill SEL Curriculum?

The INSTILL SEL Curriculum takes a multi-disciplinary approach that uses music, creative art, movement, puppets and pretend play. Teaching the concepts in a variety of ways can create strong habits that form long-term thought patterns, attitudes, and actions. It also includes a clear plan of implementation and resources to aid teachers in laying a foundation for children’s social and emotional health.

Research shows us that one of the greatest factors in a person’s emotional health is having connected relationships (Murray, Greenberg, 2001). Our activities support child-caregiver bonds, healthy parent-child relationships, and a unique approach to positive peer role models through the use of MVP Kids character puppets and books. These connections provide a basis of trust to address serious life issues and challenges. Pair your INSTILL curriculum with a collection of MVP Kids books, and you’ll see the impact that relationships with our MVP Kids offers through clear, consistent messages from trusted friends. 

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What products are available with Instill SEL Curriculum?

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Instill SEL Notebook

• Entire year’s worth of lesson plans – 87 activities!
• SEL learning activities, puppet scripts and family messages
• Easel design notebook, 11” x 8.5”
• 5 tabbed sections:

1. Game Plan
2. Exploring My World
3. Caring for Others
4. Knowing Myself
5. Activity Resources

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8 MVP Kids Puppets

• Diverse set of eight MVP Kids characters that range in ethnicity, family background, and ability.
• 14” long
• Meets child safety requirements
• Plush material, movable mouths, embroidered eyes


16 Emotion Cards

• These cards are featured in many of the SEL activities to help children explore feelings/emotions, similarities/differences, and likes/dislikes.
• Personalized Emotion Card Templates included.


7 Solve It! Cards

• When conflict arises, stress can inhibit decision-making skills. These cards offer solutions to most problems children experience in the early years.
• Personalized Solve It! Card Templates included.


8 Positivity Posters

• Each of the MVP Kids characters has a poster with background information, picture, and uplifting words about the character. 
• Also available are templates to create Personalized Positivity Posters for your children.


Values Displays

• We use Our Values to create a positive learning environment by defining prosocial behavior expectations and to guide understanding by being an active participant in the learning process and practice. 


11 Audio Tracks

• Eleven-song supporting soundtrack expands the experience of the Instill SEL Curriculum with beautifully written songs that teach breathing exercises, help problem solve, and much more!


MVP Kids Paperback Book Bundle

• Seven MVP Kids paperback book titles to expand the Social and Emotional learning!
We’re More Alike Than Different, The Way We’re Made, Counting Critters, and Treasured Wisdom included in August, the last 3 titles will be delivered in November.

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MVP Kids Inspire Me-Book™ AppS

• Seven Inspire Me-Book™ apps the correspond with the paperback books.
• These apps are designed to expand the experience of our content with learn-to-read features and interactive games.

Order Information



• 8 Puppets
• SEL Curriculum Notebook
• 16 Emotions Cards
• 8 Solve-It Cards
• 8 Positivity Posters
• 11-Song Soundtrack
• Values Display
• Reproducible Activity Resources
• MVP Kids® Paperback Book Pack (4 provided upon purchase, 3 provided in November)
• MVP Kids® Inspire Me-Book™ Apps



• SEL Curriculum Notebook
• 16 Emotions Cards
• 8 Solve-It Cards
• 8 Positivity Posters
• 11-Song Soundtrack
• Values Display
• Reproducible Activity Resources
• MVP Kids® Paperback Book Pack (4 provided upon purchase, 3 provided in November)

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