Help Me Understand™

Stories on Handling Emotions (Ages 6-12)


Each book includes MVP Kids stories on handling emotions. Readers will gain tools to take responsibility for their own emotions and develop healthy relationships. Each book follows the life of a specific MVP Kid. 

Each book includes a discussion guide giving further insight on the emotion and reflection questions related to the book’s content. The page is designed for parents and children to interact together or for the children to use individually.



Liam Conquers Fort Grudge™ - Feeling wronged & Learning Forgiveness

Liam feels wronged by a friend who hasn’t apologized. Unwilling to face his friend, he spends his afternoons building a treehouse instead of playing with the neighborhood kids. Before long, the fort intended to keep his enemy out has instead trapped and isolated him. Can Liam conquer his grudge and find freedom in forgiveness? Join our MVP Kids in the trenches of friendship and learn skills for apology, forgiveness, and reconciliation.

Available March 17, 2020

Annie’s Jar of Patience™ - Feeling Impatient & Learning Patience

Annie is always in a hurry to get what she wants. Her excitement turns quickly into impatience, stealing joy from her and those around her. When Annie’s rushing almost ruins a special day, an old family tradition teaches a lesson in patience she’ll never forget. Learn to identify impatience, evaluate options, and delay gratification with the patience of an MVP Kid.

Leo's Pent-Up Feelings
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Leo’s Pent-Up Feelings™ - Hiding Feelings & Learning Authenticity

Leo has had a lot of practice at masking his feelings with optimism. When he is faced with the consequences of his pent-up emotions, he has no choice but to name, understand, and respond to his emotions to find safety again. Learn to trust others with your true self and live with the authenticity of a Real MVP Kid!

Gabby Bears With Embarrassment
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Gabby Bears With Embarrassment™ - Feelings Embarrassed & Learning Humor

Gabby’s camp retreat got off to an embarrassing start! Her backpack burst open and her personal things flew out for all to see. How will she face her peers again? Understand embarrassment with our MVP Kids as they discover how perspective, humor, and compassion keep embarrassment from becoming an obstacle to fun and friendship.

Ezekiel Builds on his Mistakes
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Ezekiel Builds on his Mistakes™ - Feeling Regret & Learning Wisdom

Have you ever made a mistake you wish you could wash away? Ezekiel is weighed down with regret, sinking in fear and anger. Ezekiel discovers that through forgiveness and forethought, even mistakes can lay a firm foundation for the future. Learn to understand regret and use the right thought patterns to turn mistakes into wisdom.

Olivia Uproots the Arrogant Weed
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Olivia Uproots the Arrogant Weed™ - Feeling Arrogance & Learning Humility

Olivia is talented, and she knows it. But her confidence has overgrown into arrogance, choking out compassion and respect. Can a humble garden gnome help her cut back judgment and clear prejudice? Dig deep with Olivia to cultivate a self-esteem that balances pride of accomplishment with humility.

Yong Breaks Out of the Boredom Box
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Yong Breaks Out of the Boredom Box™ - Feeling Bored & Learning Curiosity

Nothing ever happens in Yong’s boxed-in life. Nothing ever will happen as long as he’s waiting to be entertained. When a broken box inspires his curiosity, Yong begins to develop the skills of attention, initiative, and creativity. Grow curious with Yong, and you’ll never be bored again!

Sarah Sizes Up the Insecure Ant
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Sarah Sizes Up the Insecure Ant™ - Feeling Insecure & Learning Security

Inner turmoil leaves Sarah feeling like a tiny ant in comparison to others. Can she use her new feelers to break out of the tunnel of insecurity? Discover what lies underneath insecurity and how to build the inner strength and confidence of a Real MVP Kid.

Blake Rewires the Failure Circuit
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Blake Rewires the Failure Circuit™ - Feeling Failure & Learning Success

Defeat, shortcuts, and resistance cause system-wide failure for Blake’s science project. How can he rewire his circuit board - and his thoughts and his habits - to build meaningful success? Learn strategies for overcoming failure and developing a growth mindset essential to mastery of any subject.

Miriam Lassoes the Worry Whirlwind
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Miriam Lassoes the Worry Whirlwind™ - Feeling Worry & Learning Comfort

What do you do when your sunshine feelings are clouded over by a worry whirlwind? Miriam wants to enjoy new experiences at the county fair, but first she must remember important tools that help her filter thoughts, assess true dangers, and overcome worry with comfort. Discover the LASSO tools Miriam uses to keep her worry whirlwind from becoming a disastrous storm.

Lucas Tames the Anger Dragon
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Lucas Tames the Anger Dragon™ - Feeling Anger & Learning Delight

Sometimes anger turns a great kid into an out-of-control, fire-breathing dragon! Find out how Lucas’ family keeps him safe and helps him understand and control his anger. With a fresh attitude, Lucas resets the day and learns to shield anger with delight.

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Faith’s Stress Rehearsal™ - Feeling Stressed & Learning Balance

Faith is always full of energy and loves to say “yes” to new opportunities, but she’s setting herself up for a disaster! Over-committed and stressed out, Faith must learn to prioritize, delegate, and practice self-care. Will she be able to manage the demands without breaking her commitments? Can you? Understand stress and learn to balance work and rest with our MVP Kids.

Available August 25, 2020