DNA Chronicles™

Historical Fiction Adventure (Ages 8 and up)


Stepping back through generations of time, our MVP Kids experience the history and culture of their ancestors. What happened in their lives? How did their great-great-great grandparents participate in the progress and development of their ancestral countries, their communities? 

Each new adventure brings new clarity to the DNA of our MVP Kids, weaving the past with the present, reliving actual historical events and firsthand accounts of real people. The past may belong to the past, but our DNA Chronicles will allow readers to realize that the past also belongs to them. Readers learn about the desire and fortitude it takes to commit to life’s most important values, life skills, and accomplishments.



To the New World and Back
Book One - Blake and the Mysterious Coin™ Series

Blake discovers the truth about his ancestors and their quest for freedom in a wild and dangerous land. Travel with him as he wakes up on the Mayflower and struggles to find his new identity, not as Blake, but as his ancestor Henry Samson. Experience firsthand the riveting life-and-death struggles on the voyage across the Atlantic, surviving the bitter winter. Will he ever find his way home again? 

Available March 3, 2020