Celebrate!™ Paperbacks

Social and Emotional Learning (Ages 4-8)


Our paperback books for Pre-K to Grade 2 focus on social and emotional needs. Helpful Teaching Tips are included in each book to equip parents, teachers, and counselors. Also available are expertly written curriculum and interactive e-book apps.

In our Celebrate! Paperback series, we include tips based on the content of the book. Three sections (informing minds, moving hearts, and directing hands) are designed to help parents, teachers, and caregivers interactively mentor their child.



My Family Loves Me - Celebrate! Families

Families have many different ways of showing love. Follow our MVP Kids throughout their day as simple actions display loving support. Explore a wide range of family relationships and discover how to say "I love you" in twelve MVP Kids heritage languages.

Available November 5, 2019


Smile for the Dentist - Celebrate! Dentists

The bright lights and new sounds of a dentist office can seem overwhelming! Thankfully, our MVP Kids know just what to expect. Experience a routine checkup and learn about dental hygiene so your family can always smile for the dentist.

Available November 5, 2019


Check Up with the Doctor - Celebrate! Doctors

Being measured, poked, and prodded at the doctor can be overwhelming! MVP Kids learn that doctors track our growth, help us feel better and manage long-term medical conditions. Walk through a checkup with the doctor to set realistic expectations and help your child know their doctor is a friend.

Available November 5, 2019

We're More Alike Than Different
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We’re More Alike Than Different - Celebrate! Diversity

Celebrate differences with our MVP Kids as they learn to respect the uniqueness of others and build strong friendships. Readers will gain insight that being different is not scary.

The Way We're Made
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The Way We’re Made - Celebrate! Self-Esteem

Discover that each person is made to be unique! From physical traits to skills and strengths, children are encouraged to feel good about who they are. Be inspired to a positive sense of self and appreciation for the differences of others.

Counting Critters
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Counting Critters - Celebrate! Number Sense

Count and make number sentences with the critters that our MVP Kids discover. Children will search for critters in their habitats, practice counting, recognize number sight words, and develop part-part-whole reasoning. Come along and develop a respect for nature while having fun with hands-on math.

Treasured Wisdom
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Treasured Wisdom - Celebrate! Wisdom

Meet the grandparents of our MVP Kids from around the world as they share their unique cultures and legacies through proverbs and inspirational words of wisdom.


I KNow HOw I feel - Celebrate! Feelings

Our MVP Kids are learning that feelings help us understand ourselves and our world. Experience the emotional ups and downs of childhood with our MVP Kids. Learn to identify, communicate, and celebrate feelings.

Available May 12, 2020


A Year of Seasons - Celebrate! Seasons

As each season brings new sights, sounds, and activities to explore, join our MVP Kids as we discover how months make up seasons and how quickly weather can change. Put on your snow boots, galoshes, or sandals and prepare for changing seasons!

Available May 12, 2020


Holidays Together - Celebrate! Holidays

Experience the wonder and delight of holidays with our MVP Kids! Join families from around the globe as they observe the celebrations of different cultures and find unity in the spirit of giving. Come along and see how experiencing others’ traditions can deepen friendships and promote empathy and understanding.

Available May 12, 2020